• Technical data:
  • Input 120 V AC @ 60 Hz
  • Output 12V minimum, 1.5A maximum
  • 4 Step charging cycle (analysis, bulk, absorption, float)
  • Spark proof and short circuit protected
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Safety timer 72 hours (prevents damage to marginal batteries)
  • Listed in California Appliance Efficiency Database
  • Agency Approvals: UL/ CSA/ BC

    BMW Advanced Battery Charging System

    A must have item for any motorcycle owner...

    The BMW Advanced Battery Charging System is the world's most advanced microprocessor-controlled charger that is programmed to charge and maintain flooded lead acid (FLA), BMW Gel and AGM batteries. This charger has reverse polarity protection; it will not be damaged nor will it harm your battery if it is connected improperly. A 72-hour safety timer also protects batteries from damage. 

    The BMW Advanced Battery Charging System is covered by a 5 year limited warranty.

    Please note:  Safely charges the battery on a Pre-CAN-Bus (2004 and earlier) motorcycle through its accessory socket.  To charge/maintain a battery while it's installed on a CAN-Bus model , you'll need to connect an adapter to your battery so that the charger is connected directly to the battery, bypassing the CAN-Bus system.

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     71602365297 MOTORRAD ADVANCED CHARGER II2.87 1  $89.00ADD TO CART