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MAX BMW began tuning in 2005 after the introduction of the rewritable ECU from BMW. With our huge resource of new BMW bikes and factory computers, MAX BMW is always first to develop the best tunes for all BMW bikes.

MAX BMW: The Most Experienced BMW Tuner

When BMW introduced the rewritable ECU in 2005, MAX BMW immediately began working on developing tunes to boost the performance of our TEAM MAX BMW HP Series Rally and Hillclimb motorcycles. Those first tuned bikes set many records at local hillclimb events and many riders wondered why the TEAM MAX BMW bikes were so fast and sounded so different. Such performance enhancements attracted racers and street riders alike and soon we began working on tunes for the non-HP series GS and RT models. The introduction of the S1000 RR allowed us to explore the tuning possibilities for the supersport class and MAX BMW was the first to offer tuning and development on the bike, including Launch Control on the first non-HP S1000 RR. We now provide full race and DDC tuning for all S Series motorcycles and were the first to tune R1200 GS water-cooled models.

Truth of Tuning

With countless hours of development on the dyno, street, track and drag strip, MAX BMW optimizes the bike to work with a full race exhaust and other engine modifications. From the factory, the engineers deliver the bike to meet strict emissions requirements. We make power and increase throttle response by adjusting ignition timing, fuel amount and recalibrating torque limiters. MAX BMW can also add features to your bike not originally offered on your model, such as Launch Control on the 2012-2014 RR. MAX BMW can also adjust your DDC suspension for better track performance.


BMW S-Series ECU Tunes

  • S1000 RR - 2010-2014 : $450
  • S1000 RR LC - 2012-2014 : $250
  • S1000 HP4 : $750
  • S1000 RR - 2015+ Pro Pack Tune : $750

  • BMW R-Series ECU Tunes

  • R Series Air-Cooled 2005-2014 : $450
  • R Series Water-Cooled : $650
  • R nineT : $650

  • BMW K-Series ECU Tunes

  • K Series 1200 - 1300 : $450
  • K Series 1600 : $650

  • BMW F-Series ECU Tunes

  • F Series 650, 700, 800 : $650

  • BMW Air Head Tunes

  • Carb tuning : $200 plus parts (needles + jets)

  • All ECU tunes include a dyno run before and after tuning.


    Will Tuning Void My Warranty?

    Yes. BMW sends the bikes to the USA to meet emissions and warranty standards. We are making the bikes faster than stock. This will create much more wear and tear on your motorcycle. Many models have limits placed on them by the factory so they will last. We are removing those limits. MAX BMW does not offer warranty on race products.

    Can I test ride a tuned bike?

    Yes. Our development bikes are available for a ride at our Brookfield, CT location These bikes are set up with Akropovic race exhaust and the latest tunes.

    What is the average horsepower gain after tuning?

    Gains seen on the majority of our bikes are between 5 - 8 hp.

    What makes a MAX BMW tune unique?

    Our tunes have been refined so you feel a much faster throttle response and a tuned motorcycle with a race exhaust will have a crisp, aggressive feel to the throttle.

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