MAX BMW Motorcycles Specialty Work

Specialty Work

BMWs Built to Meet Your Need

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    High Performance

    MAX BMW offers custom tuning by appointment at all of our locations. We install performance parts and perform ECU upgrades using model-specific tunes developed and tested on our in-house dyno, on the road and on the track.

  • MAX BMW Motorcycles Specialty Work

    Touring Prep

    Planning your epic ride of a lifetime? MAX BMW offers a special brand of touring motorcycle preparation. We work with you from start to finish and, if you want, you can work with us on the installations so you know your bike inside and out.

  • MAX BMW Motorcycles Specialty Work

    Competition Prep

    Choose your poison: road racing, vintage racing, rally/rally moto, endurance rally, hillclimb. If you compete using your motorcycle, MAX BMW can help you get the bike just the way you want it so you can focus on your objective: winning.

A few of Our Projects

  • MAX-R S1000RR Performance Package

    Introducing the MAX-R Performance Package. The package will be available when customers order the bike from MAX BMW Motorcycles or as an after-sales package. See the Package

  • The New R90 S

    One winter afternoon we wondered if you could build a 1974 BMW R90 S from scratch using parts ordered off of our online catalog. The answer is yes. Watch the Video

  • A California R60/5 Restoration

    We work with an inspired customer to bring a beloved BMW model back to its original condition. Read the Story

  • Iron Butt Rally Bike

    Rob Nye had his sights set on completing the grueling 11,000 mile Iron Butt Rally. We helped him execute his vision for the bike that would be his home for 11 straight days and nights. See the Upgrades

  • R1270 Power Package

    Unsatisfied with the already impressive power of the R1200 GS, a customer had us goose his GS by 21 HP with our MAX BMW 1270 Power Package. This bike is a sleeper that can now beat most sport bikes off the line! View Photo Gallery

  • Arctic to Antarctic Adventure Bikes

    Wade and Phil's globe-crossing adventure began at MAX BMW Motorcycles. We helped them purchase and prep the GSes that they used to ride from Alaska to Ushuaia. They even took a ferry across to Antarctica to complete the journey. View Photo Gallery

MAX BMW Motorcycles Specialty Work


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