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MAX BMW Heritage Service Center

  • MAX BMW Motorcycles Heritage Service

    The Mark of Excellence

    As the first BMW-Certified Heritage Service Center in America, MAX BMW technicians have undergone specific training to address the unique demands of working on vintage BMW motorcycles. From diagnostics to rebuilds, our experienced Master Certified Technicians are experts in the craft of motorcycle building.

  • MAX BMW heritage service

    Year-Round Service

    Some motorcycle shops save their vintage work for the winter months when business is slow. MAX BMW is committed to servicing bikes of all ages every month of the year. Our Heritage Service technicians are always on duty to assist with eveything from routine maintenance to complete restorations on older BMW motorcycles.

  • MAX BMW Motorcycles Heritage Service

    Recondition and Rebuild

    If you enjoy working on your own BMW, but don't have the tools or experience to rebuild sophisticated components, MAX BMW can help recondition and/or rebuild the parts you need. Bring us your cylinder heads, gas tanks, carburetors, wheels, transmissions, final drives, etc. and we'll make them as good as new. Call or stop in for a free quote.

  • MAX BMW Motorcycles Heritage Service

    Exclusive Vintage Parts

    Many older BMWs have parts that are no longer available through BMW USA. MAX BMW's Heritage Service Department is the exculsive importer of many of these hard-to-find parts, meaning that you can be satisfied that your repair is being made with the genuine parts that were intended for your motorcycle, not a close substitute.

Works in Progress

MAX BMW Motorcycles Heritage Service


If you have a potential restoration project that you would like to discuss, please e-mail Max Stratton to begin the conversation. We love helping keep the BMW vintage spirit alive!